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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  August 13, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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jackson memorabilia... even expensive elk heads to name a few of the lavish purchases. his wifegot hit with tax fraud for going along with the financial deceit. dick simpson, a political science professor and former alderman himself, calls jesse jackson junior and his wife truly tragic figures. >> they did have carte blanche anywhere. their names, positions, and their money could get them whatever they wanted. they squandered all that. >> last november, jesse jackson junior resigned from congress after holding office for more than 17 years. his wife, a disappointment as an alderman, simpson says, resigned in january... a bitter ending after news of a federal investigation became public and forced their hands, their jobs and reputations already gone. at stake now: a marriage of 20 together-jessica and 'trey.' his mental health and their dire financial situation two major factors influencing the courts decision during
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sentencing. every word they utter in court can make a difference so says chicago defense attorney michael monico. >> you want definitely to say something thats natural and speaks from the heart. will he say his bipolarity played a role? will he say that he made a mistake? hes sorry. i assume hes going to say that. >> monico, has represented 2 high profile clients who know the weight of a guilty plea before a judge. chris kellycaught up in the governor blagojevich scandal ended his own life before a judge could send him away. former alderman and political powerhouse ed vrodlyak spent 10 months in a federal prison for his role in a real estate scheme. in the jacksons case, the government recommends 4 years for the ex- congressman. 18 months for his wife the ex-alderman. monico says the jackson name, status, and celebrity may actually help on sentencing day. >> hes given up quite a bit. hes already suffered. hes lost his job, hes lost his position
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as congressman, been embarrassed and humiliated. >> one of the nations most celebrated civil rights leaders, a man who even ran for president, is sending his son, by the same name, to prison. hes a convicted criminal who has also dragged his wife into the legal mess, too. for the jackson family, an inexplicable loss. in recent days, both defendants have made some suggestions to the court. the congressman made suggestions about prison destinations. alabama and north carolina were on his list. his wife has made suggestions of her own and is asking for probation at a well known place. that is if she gets probation. that is up to the judge. federal prison is where they are going to serve their sentences. sentencing hearings get underway at 830 am tomorrow.
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>> a devoted father is dead after a drive-by shooting outside a chicago post office. gunfire ripping holes in the parked cars of postal workers. wgn's sean lewis is at chicago police area central headquarters. >> chicago police tonight are looking for the suspect's vehicle. some in that section of the committee say that shootings in their neighborhoods have become so commonplace, that they called their home " terror of town. as evening set in, cvhicago police handed out flyers looking for the gunman. outside the post office at 75th and exchange, employee cars are now scarred with bullet holes. this damage tells only part of the story here. >> shooting all the time. innocent people get shot. >> jennifer cole heard the gunshots about 11 this morning. a common occurrence, she says, but for the person who fell
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victim today. >> he's a good guy. he walked his little daughter everywhere. >> 34-year-old eric chism; a father and boyfriend who worked construction. he just happened to be standing on the corner at 75th and colfax, under a police camera, next to the wrong person. >> he ain't never mess with nobody. all he do is take his daughter everywhere. he take his daughter to the school, to the park, he bother nobody. >> that was an innocent man. an innocent bystander just standing by somebody.. he didn't know what's wrong. >> they just drive by and shoot aimlessly. they don't care who they hit. >> chism's long time girlfriend this afternoon, now looking for a way to tell their 7-year-old daughter that her dad, whom with she spent so much time, is gone. >> i don't know how i'm going to have a conversation with her. they were so close and she's used to seeing him everyday. i don't know how but i'll have to figure out how. >> area and central detectives
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are working this case and because some of that damage was done on post office property, the federal post office inspector's office is now looking into this case as well. that is the latest out on the south side. >> a man who police say shot and killed his estranged wife and their young daughter before turning the gun on himself remains hospitalized tonight. dead are 28-year old kelly mariel coca and the couples' daughter, 5-year old karla valeria eguez. police say the husband, who neighbors identified as juan carlos eguez, was found on the floor of the basement in a home near 28th and kildare in the little village neighborhood. all three suffered gunshot wounds to the head, with the suspect so far surviving the attempted murder/suicide incident. >> it was kind of crazy. i guess he was in love with her. it was all
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in his head i guess. >> police say equez lives in miami and flew to chicago last night. the vehicle he rented at the airport was towed from the scene today. the three-member family was together in miami for a month until coca and her daughter returned to chicago on sunday. relatives say the marriage was tumultuous, and court records show eguez had been charged in the past with domestic battery after attacking his wife. >> someone is shooting at women in waukegan with a bb or pellet gun that has the force to break through clothing and skin. wgn's amy rutledge is in waukegan tonight as police are trying to locate the suspect who's been doing this for about the past couple of weeks. >> the scariest thing about these attacks are as how random that are carried police said that are happening from the north side of waukegan all the way to the south side. all entries are relatively minor but police are worried that that could change. >> they are randomly shooting people would bb guns. >> residents are in shock tonight as news of a pellet gun
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attacks spread across the city. seven people have been hurt since august 1st, to have been hospitalized. the shooter, police believe, is targeting women. >> we always have incidents of people shooting off bb guns but sometimes it is childish behavior. some of those deserve more attention. >> how can i do my exercise knowing that there is shooting in the neighborhood? >> this woman, like several others, is questioning that decision for safer streets. >> when i come to the south side, there is a lot of shooting. same thing and lafayetin lafayette. >> i have a child as well, and that is scary. >> although the injuries are relatively minor, police are
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worried that could change. the similarities between a real gun and a bb gun could escalate situations. >> there could be great consequences, but when you have a bb gun next to a real gun, it is difficult to tell the difference. >> one of those people in the hospital is a pregnant woman who was hit in the abdomen. the second is a man and was hit in the face. he is the only male victim. he was walking with a group of women and was likely not the intended target. the suspect's description is very vague. people have mentioned a white cart around but they do not know if that car is connected to any of these crimes. anyone with information is asked to call police in waukegan . reporting live from waukegan , wgn and newsnews.
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>> next, the second city getting a bad wrap on national tv. >> how chicago got dragged into a debate over a controversial policing strategy. >> a hotshot three-point shooter and his impressive achievement. what he did that impressed some nba greats. >> danger in the water. high winds sending large waves crashing into the lake shore and prompting officials to issue a warning to swimmers. >> a chillier day in chicago, but tom skilling says we could see a nice warm up by the end of the week. >> you're watching chicago's >> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at nine.
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>> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at nine. >> former new york governor george pataki took a shot at chicago's police department as he defended the now former "stop and frisk" policy of the new york city police department. yesterday, a federal judge ruled that policy as unconstitutional. today, pataki appeared on an msnbc show and said the policy protected minorities unlike the way chicago police protect minorities here. >> why don't they look at chicago where the civil rights of young african americans are not only being taken away, but they are being murdered in record numbers in the south side of chicago. the policing of their leaves something to be desired. >> chicago police superintendent garry mccarthy responded to pataki's remarks, saying the crime rate is down here, and
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that his officers respect the rights of suspects. mccarthy emphasized there are too many guns on the streets of chicago and that new york has had stricter penalties possession of illegal firearms. we want to hear from you... do you think chicago should follow new york and adopt a "stop and frisk" policy? text yes or no to 97-999 or vote online at we'll have results after tom skilling's seven day forecast. >> a community joins together to help two sisters from riverwoods, victims of a horrific train crash in spain. the derailment killed 79 people last month. 8-year-old maria and 11-year-old lucia dominguez were on board travelling with relatives. maria didn't suffer any serious physical injuries, but lucia was severely hurt. she is recovering at a hospital in spain. school district 109 is supporting parents in a fundraising effort to help cover costs. >> no one should never have to go through this, especially a parents of a small child. they
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should not have to go through a critical injury and be so far from home. >> so far, about $43,000 has been raised. if you want to donate, log onto our website: >> a happy ending for a puppy caught in a multi-home fire. the lucky pooch was rescued by fire crews responding to the two-alarm blaze in the greater grand crossing neighborhood today. firefighters battled the flames as they spread across three neighboring buildings in the 7600 block of south eggleston. the house in the middle was vacant. no one was hurt in the fire. the cause of the fire and where it started is still under investigation. >> thirsty folks enduring a boil order are counting the hours 'til it's over in deerfield. 18,000 residents must buy bottles or boil water to safely drink water in that northern suburb. tests on the water supply yesterday found it was tainted with fecal bateria from human or animal waste. that'll make you sick. some restaurant closed, others are constantly boiling water. deerfield village officials hope
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to lift the water alert tomorrow afternoon once more tests confirm that the threat is past. >> a suburban teen with a special talent. next, why some of the biggest names in basketball are reaching out to him. >> also ahead tonight, a proposed merger between two of the country's biggest airlines is in a holding pattern for now. >> and no matter who owns the airlines, those planes will be flying over some new landscapers at o'hare. hey, it's me, progressive insurance. you know, from our 4,000 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save...
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[ male announcer ] your kids make great things. so give them a tasty, wholesome snack that has eight grams of whole grain... and is now made with real strawberries and bananas. honey maid teddy grahams. two new flavors now made with real fruit. >> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at nine. >> a west suburban high-schooler is sitting on top of the three- point world, setting a new record of 135 baskets in five minutes. >> his brother recorded the
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feat and the video went viral, attracting the attention of some big names in basketball. wgn's marcella raymond went to west chicago to meet the champion three-point shooter. >> this year to video with a viral with a quarter of a million views so far. it is 16 year-old josh ruggles , making one to 35 three-pointers in five minutes. he only missed 12 of them. >> i was feeling it from the top of the key. i just kept doing the exact same thing and then went in. >> his older brother was feeding him the balls, and he was on fire. >> at 30 seconds, he was at about 120 and i thought he had a chance. he has about an average of one every 1.2 seconds. >> if josh ruggles is the talent, his brother is the brains. the 18 year-old took the video that his number brother shot and started putting it on the internet. he sent it to big-
9:19 pm
time coaches, celebrities and athletes. the comments started coming in. phil jackson said he had could read them. dick vitale said he is a velvet. nothing but that nylon, baby. dennis rodman said it also shooting. >> they were on real. the others just to reach we did itre-tweet >> the boy that takes 3000 shots a week is finally getting noticed for all his hard work. >> it is cool to get notoriety because i always felt he is the best shooter and i always come across as the over-the-top-, but i believe in him. >> i want to play in college and that is my goal. and hopefully after that, i want to train kids and keep basketball part of my life. >> and his brother? he is going
9:20 pm
to college in the fall. >> what is your major going to be? >> i will probably go into marketing both of them have a very bright futures. >> the science behind near death experiences. next, what happens to your brain when your heart stops. >> also ahead, we're in springfield for the illinois state fair, where a certain chicago radio legend was honored on agriculture day. >> and later, meet the oceans 16... all-new millionaires several times over. >> here are tonight's winning lottery numbers...
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for augusut 13, 2013
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>> in tonight's medical watch, the amount of siblings you have to determine your success in marriage. the four brothers and sisters, the less likely you will get divorced. that is because of research at ohio state university. they found that each sibling reduces divorce by 2 percent. they said that the experience navigating personal relationships at home helps adults enhance the ability to live with another person. near-death experiences and brain activity. people that experience sudden cardiac arrest say they experience bright lights or feeling outside their body. people think it is a vision of the afterlife. at the university of michigan, they say that when the heart stops, the brain loses
9:24 pm
its ability to function at higher levels which could cost heightened visual stimuli. children with allergies and asthma baby at high interest for behavioral disorder. attention deficit hyperactivity disorder occurs in children more frequently in children that have aallergies or asthma. researchers believe that medications used to treat these may contribute to the disorder. but doctors say they cannot stop the drugs because they are important in preventing life attending reactions. >> chicago's cool summer continues. >> >> tom skilling is in next, and he says at least we'll stay he says at least we'll stay dry.
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feelin' good! feelin' real good! [ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> would-be swimmers were stuck on the sand just looking at the water as miles of lake michigan beaches were declared unsafe for swimming today. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says high winds and waves contributed to dangerous swimming conditions from the wisconsin border down through northwest indiana. wgn meteorologist tom skilling is here with more. >> this is really an upside-down world. it was up to 90 degrees in alaska, 89 degrees in the yukon territory, and authorities in wisconsin.30 degrees in wisce
9:28 pm
flirting with cold temperatures. we have a couple cool days to come up. look at big sky country right here. look at this thunderstorm towering over that state. thank you for that picture. and this one is the fox river in geneva. it is reflecting the clouds. and look at this one ... these are trails of stars. what you do is let the lines open ens open and view its that track of the stars. here is a picture of the perseids meteor shower in colorado. at the bottom of the picture, that is lightning from a thunderstorm.
9:29 pm
and this one is a microburst producing thunderstorms in the travers citytraverse city. and k at a funnel cloud in illinois. our photographers are wonderful, thank you. we certainly have whether to photograph. what a gorgeous day. look how sharp the horizon is. there is no his or high humidity or pollution in this air mass. the wind was blowing down the fleet and has delivered late september temperatures in august. the high temperature of today of 70 degrees is the normal high temperature one a month from
9:30 pm
now. you would be warmer today swimming event you would be walking along the lakefront because the water was warmer than the air temperature. it was 70 degrees at o'hare airport. midway airport was off at 71 degrees. look at the water temperatures. that is strange. especially in august. here, you see the cool weather in a pocket, but what is interesting and what is driving this is once up in the arctic. tomahawk wisconsin was down to 35 degrees this morning. 36 degrees up in minnesota. that is just above frost threshold. it looklook at what happened as we go north. incredible once all through here. it is our 70 degree temperatures up north of the arctic circle. of a jet stream goes very high north to get the
9:31 pm
cold air and then comes down and brings it our way. that is the pattern that is going to change dramatically next week. no longer will these winds blow in from the north, that will blow across southern canada from west to east and that is going to take the warm air here, and begins to falter in over the weekend and pushes us into the '80s. then, but that stream will flatten out and the warm air comes in. that is a massive change. it replaces a pattern that has kept us cool much of the summer. over the next five days, it will stay below normal. but by next week, we will go a 8 degrees above normal. this is a meteorologmeteorologig change. we are getting into the
9:32 pm
warm air. look at the temperatures tonight. there is a very awesome quality to the air. 64 degrees at o'hare airport. most weather stations are reporting temperature drops. look at the high temperatures today which only made it into the '60s. we looked and there have only been 13 other august 13th in hundred years to have aired this cool. you don't expect this this early in august. this is fairly unusual. partly cloudy and cool tonight, there could be some way affect rainlake effect rain. that is strange to be talking about a rain shower off bills late in the middle of august. the west wind will be cool tomorrow, 76 degrees and wind blowing from the west. 60 and of the loop and
9:33 pm
at the lake shore. on thursday, mostly sunny and modestly warmer. 78 degrees is still below normal because the ball high temperature is 82 degrees. we are going to be getting above normal by the weekend. i will show you the 7 dya forecast coming up later. >> 75 years on the air at wgn today. look at that. >> that was burlap. i took it to a tailor that said it could not be altered because the material was so thick. they had us where blazers back then. look at my hair. it shows you what working with my producer does. >> congratulations. you look great.
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>> friends of one of the suspected boston marathon bombers face a judge in massachusetts. next, what they're accused of doing. >> and a special honor for wgn radio's orion samuelson at the state fair today. >> you're watching chicago's >> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at nine. which comes out on top? we brought real people to the texas desert to find out. it's just nice. very crisp. cool and fresh. that's what i was thinking! fresh. that's exactly what i was thinking. yeah. fresh. fresh. like i could definitely wrap myself in it. odors are no match for the febreze car vent clip. another way febreze helps you breathe happy.
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>> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at nine. >> the farmers know him like an old friend... agribusiness people also know who "the big-o" is... >> and that's wgn radio's orion samuelson who, for decades, is, and has been, a vital voice on the airwaves, and who was honored today at the illinois state fair. wgn's marcus leshock was also in springfield for orion's special day. >> it was another lively day at the illinois state fair, an annual tradition stands 1853. >> and started as a way to celebrate agriculture and we still use one of the most important things about agriculture. we also have carnival rides, concerts', and other activities. >> last year, over 900,000 people came out for a lot of entertainment. today, it was all about the big o. >> afternoon and welcome to beat
9:38 pm
illinois state fair. >> wgn radio's orion samuleson has attended nearly every state fair since 1961. >> i think that county and state fairs are important parts of americana. it brings farmers and ranchers together to people that buy and consume their products. today at the illinois state fair, we salute agriculture in many ways. i am about to go on stage and we will probably honor 20 or 30 families that have done work in farming. >> he says that agriculture and business have been a signature sound on his radio show keeping farmers glued to their radios over 50 years. >> everyday is a new day. i have had more women tell me that they have been told to be quiet because of me at noon when the market prices, on. come on. >> he is so important to us and
9:39 pm
agriculture. i think he has been emceeing for over 50 years. we have a building named after him. i think that it is so important ... he is respected and well loved and was to be a part of this at the state fair. >> among the many people and companies honored here on agriculture today was orion samuleson himself, and illinoand illinoisian of the day. >> let us here at fort orion samuleson , an icon. >> sitting here as a teenager, i could never have imagined i would be talking to you right here at the state fair. i wrote the book, so pick up. you cannot bring a big enough as to what is out there in this world. >> the illinois state fair is
9:40 pm
going on throughout sunday, it is a 3.5 hour drive south of chicago. other the van and the liveand livestock, they have soe converts. journey, toby keith, and kesha will be here. just listen to wgn radio for more info. >> i could listen to him all day long. >> they call themselves the oceans 16. next, a group of co- workers step forward as the winners of a huge powerball jackpot. >> and later in sports... as the bears get ready to bourbonnais in their rearview, jay cutler talks about the two rookies who could be starting on the offensive line. n coiosc t
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and is now made with real strawberries and bananas. honey maid teddy grahams. two new flavors now made with real fruit. >> you're watching chicago's very own wgn news at nine. >> two friends of boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev pleading not guilty to obstruction charges today. they are dias kadyrbayev and azmat tazhayakov. both are kazakh nationals and were college pals with tsarnaev at the university of massachusetts dartmouth. prosecutors allege they removed a laptop and a backpack full of fireworks from tsarnaev's dorm room after learning he was a suspect in the bombings.
9:44 pm
>> the u.s. government sues to block the proposed merger of american airlines and u.s. airways. today, the u.s. justice department and attorneys general from six states and the disctrict of columbia filed an anti-trust lawsuit challenging the $11 billion merger. the justice department says it would decrease competition, create higher airfares and baggage fees, and worse customer service. american and u.s. airways call the assessment of its merger "wrong" and say they plan to fight that lawsuit. >> and it is toms night tonight. what does the forecast look like? >> a lot of people are looking for warm weather and we have some in our forecast. look at the ones out in the western end, these are the current temperatures. it is 59 degrees at green bay but 91 degrees at boise, idaho. look what happens here as we drop into tonight,
9:45 pm
40's up around here near lake geneva. 50 at woodstock. it will warm up tomorrow, only up to the low 70's. we have a high mold count today. one thing you have to say for canadian high pressure, it certainly hollows out the precipitation in the center of the country. there are storms on its periphery down near the gulf coast. the high pressure will come over us so instead of that brisk northwest wind blowing today, they will come down today and it will be very light. it might even be still quite onlater on. then itl slowly drift off to the east. i do not think we have any rain although there are a couple showers moving through. look at the once tomorrow, not here but
9:46 pm
out west. here is the forecast for thursday. it will warm up into the mid-70s with '80s out on the plains. that warm air will be spreading towards us. 90 degree temperatures in montana during the day on friday and that is warm. it is going to start spreading across the country next week. you can see that the end of our seven day forecast, temperatures in the '80s and close to 90 by next week. i would not be surprised to see ninety's next week. a radical change from what we have seen this week. but we have a couple cool is coming up before we get there. by friday, they will rebound back into the '70s with a possible sprinkled near the lake. the weekend will warm into the '80s, so how about that? the humidity will stay low for the next five days and then start to rise back up next week again. a little bit of summer
9:47 pm
humidity in there as we move into the end of august. >> 35 years,, tom! >> it has been a pleasure working with you. >> i am going to find that jacket. >> i remember harry carey asking ... he went like this with the material and said it was quality and i think jack said that it was burlap. those were fun to wear. >> chicago's press corps left behind the old goats running city hall for the day and met the new goats taking care of the landscaping at o'hare airport. i did not write that. the grass eating menagerie of goats, sheep, llamas, and burros have been on the job since late july, chewing up areas where it's almost impossible for traditional landscaping equipment to reach. in addition to today's "coming out party", the four legged lawn mowers had another reason to celebrate: a baby boy lamb was born into the
9:48 pm
herd. officials named him "o'hare". they have been pretty busy out there ... not just eating the grass. >> the powerball winners, who call themselves the "ocean's 16", stepped forward today. >> we are a happy group. very happy, as some of my friends would say. >> the 16 winners work for ocean county in new jersey, assigned to the vehicle service department. they will each get about $4 million after taxes. all of them reported to work today, and many of them say they'll keep their jobs for the near future. two other winning tickets were sold; the second was also bought in new jersey, the third in minnesota. the total jackpot was worth $450 million. >> coming up... the white sox hope to see plenty of this in the future from their new right fielder as they try and beat first place detroit for the second straight night. >> and we'll hear from a very
9:49 pm
happy mr. cub as he gets ready to accept one of the country's highest honor. rich king is next highest honor. rich king is next with sports. you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff.
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it's a sweeper. what's this? what's that? well we'll find out. we'll find out. [ lee ] it goes under all the way to the back wall. i came in under the assumption that it was clean. i've been living in a fool's paradise! oh boy... there you go... morty just summed it up. the next 44 years we'll be fine. >> we begin with the chevy silverado training camp report. the bears will wrap up the bourbonaisse portion of their training camp tomorrow. the media access in bourbionaise ended today at olivet nazarene,
9:52 pm
once again the focus was on the right side of the bears offensive line. and, once again, the defense had the upper hand. jay cutler picked off by tim jennings in the red zone. could be jay is getting all these picks out of his system before they kick it off for real. marc trestman is not sure jordan mills will start at right tackle or kyle long at right guard against the chargers but they will get plenty of work. cutler himself is glad to see them in there. >> the two rookies that we have right now, they are pretty far along. there are very talented guys physically. there are very tough mentally. they want to get in there and do a good job and that is the most important thing. you need a guy that wants to do it. >> they are so humbling just to see the respect from him. it makes you want to play even harder. >> the bears offense cleary has a long way to go. trestman has given cutler and everyone else a lot to digest, brandon marshall has said it may take more than one season to get it
9:53 pm
all down, but the coaching staff has been pleased with the progress after one pre-season game. >> i think their focus is a very good when we played the whole game last week without a penalty. that is a positive thing. just don't work ethic of the team, i think it is great and we had a chance to have a very strong backbone and we will be the same team as last year. we think we can be better. >> we had a great showing the first week but wheat improved on this week of practice. it is preseason, and i take it seriously ... so do a lot of other guys. the season is right on the corner. >> at this point, it is going well. it is on pace. >> baseball now and there are reports tonight the white sox have placed paul konerko on waivers, but it would be hard to imagine he would go anywhere. almost every player is placed on waivers. the white sox taking on the tigers again tonight and they got their first big dividend from avisail garcia.
9:54 pm
marx scherzer going for his 18th win, but he ran into trouble in the 5th. two men on for garcia and he tags one down the line. it stayed fair and both runners race across the plate. garcia goes to third and then winds up scoring when the throw gets away. the white soxs grabbed a 3-1 lead. the sox still lead 3-2 in the 7th, trying to make it two in a row over the tigers. it felt like april at wrigley field tonight, but the cubs finally got their offense out of the deep freeze at home. nate sheirhotz rips a shot to right in the 2nd inning against homer bailey and the reds. it is a two run homer ending the cubs 33 inning scoreless streak at wrigley; a franchise record. the reds led 4-3 in the the 7th when donnny murphy does it again. this guy kills fastballs and he takes one out to right to tie the game. it is now 4-4 in the 8th. the cubs honored ernie banks before the game. he is headed to washington in november to receive the medal of freedom from president obama. mr. cub
9:55 pm
was the first african-american player in the organization. he has been an ambassador of baseball joy for more than a half a century; dancing here with laura ricketts. i got his reation to the award before the game. >> it is a great country or what? this is really amazing to me. i cannot believe that ... that i made this honor bestowed upon me by president barack obama. it is very powerful. i know some other athletes that have one and i am so happy and proud, and i am nervous ... there are so many things happening in my life right now. it has been a honor. >> and a reminder that you can see saturday's arlington million right here on wgn. dan roan, eddie olzcyk, and howard sudberry will get you ready for the race. post time for the million is about 5:45.
9:56 pm
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